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Water Filtration Systems

Great coffee and tea start with quality
drinking water.

A high-quality water filtration system
is a simple way to improve your water’s taste,
purity and safety for your employees.

Quality Water Service for your office:

Metro Coffee offers flexible water bottle and filtration options depending on your need and location.

Bottled Water

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We offer water in 20 oz bottles or in 5 gal size for water coolers. Monthly cooler rental is available for Cool, Cold and Hot Water units. The water is from local springs at the peak of Bald Mountain in Western NC. Our water can be labeled as true “spring water” because it comes to the surface without the use of mechanical devices (such as pumps). We will provide regular service to replenish your water and maintain equipment on a regular basis.

Filtered Water

We also offer water filtration units in space-saving counter top models or free standing floor units. With these units you get unlimited supply of fresh, cold water. You also have the ability to filter water going to your coffee maker or ice maker if they are near the cooler. Filter replacement is included with your service as well.