Office Coffee Solutions

We're so sure you'll find our service superior to other providers that we offer a FREE trial period! For no risk or commitment, we'll give you coffee and equipment for a few days so you can see the diffference for yourself.

Breakroom Solutions

We have everything you need for your breakroom:

Metro Coffee is Atlanta's best office coffee, tea, and water service. Our friendly staff provides everything from equipment and repair to a full line of paper products to stock your break room.

  • Coffee Brewing Equipment
  • Commercial Water Service
  • Soda, Juice and other popular beverages
  • Snacks
  • Creamer, Sugar, Filters, etc
  • Bi-Weekly Service calls for restocking, Equipment Maintenance, and cleaning
  • Same-Day Equipment Repair

And you can choose from a wide selection of coffees - from organic coffees to gourmet favorites, to the more familiar national brands - and get them all for one low monthly fee.

Make the right choice for your business.

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